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Have a Brand Like Lady Gaga

What do Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga and Bill Clinton have in common? You guessed it: a powerful personal brand.

But how did they get that brand? Were they born with a charismatic brand or did they shape and hone it?

My guess is that Lady Gaga, Bill and Steve all grew up the same as everyone else. They did not come out of the womb with a strong personal brand. They developed it.

Personal Brands Are Made

Most brands are made, not born. That means there is hope for everyone seeking to advance their personal brand.

Not everyone is a Steve Jobs or Lady Gaga or Bill Clinton.  But we can all follow their lead and take a page right out of their playbooks:

1. Differentiate like Lady Gaga.  Love her or hate her, you have to admit, she is different.  She clearly understands how to differentiate. Take a page from her playbook and position yourself in a unique way.  Display what makes you special and different from other employees in your organization. The key is to be unlike everyone else and publicize that differentiation.

2. Think globally like Bill Clinton. Clinton's brand has actually gained more stature and importance since he left the Presidency. Why? He has broadened his scope; he thinks and acts globally. For professionals in any organization what that can mean for you is to take your blinders off. Think about ideas from a broader perspective and connect the dots outside as well as inside your organization. Show your organization that you analyze ideas for implications beyond just your company.

3. Present like Steve Jobs. If there is only one skill you could develop to extend your brand's reach, it should be public speaking. take every course your organization offers. Get a mentor who is a great speaker. Join a local Toastmaster's Club. Consider every opportunity inside and outside your organization to advance your public speaking.

Developing a great brand is a process. You won't get recognition like Lady Gaga right away, but if you take a methodical, process-approach to developing your brand, you will stand out. And who knows, you might have fun in the process!

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Loraine Antrim is co-founder of Core Ideas Communication, a communications consulting agency focused on presentation development and media training for C-suite executives. Core Ideas enables executives to package and communicate relevant and compelling messages in their presentations and interviews. Loraine's expertise is killing butterflies. You know, butterflies: the feeling in your stomach before you have to present or speak in public. Loraine works with executives to create a powerful story, memorable messages and an authentic delivery style. Confidence kicks in, and butterflies scatter. Nice work killing butterflies! You can contact Loraine at: manager at coreideas.com