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Charlie Sheen as Your Personal Brand Coach?

Can Charlie Sheen be your new personal branding coach?

If you use him as model of what NOT to do or say, then yes.  There are many brand lessons to be gleaned from the former star of Two and a Half Men.  

Clearly, no one wants to emulate Mr. Sheen's current communications or his erratic behaviors. But think like a contrarian and his behavior can be an eye opener for your brand at work.

Every time you open your mouth, your colleagues judge you and your customers form impressions.  That’s why professionals concerned about their brands in the workplace are very careful about what they say and how they say it. Sadly for Charlie, this basic premise went over his head.

So what can we learn from Charlie Sheen's behaviors?

1. Don't talk about your employer. For Mr. Sheen, comments about his producer and CBS will not earn him fans at the network. Lesson for the rest of us?  Never comment negatively on any aspect of your employer or supervisor.  Even talking to "trusted" colleagues can be risky. You never know if those comments will find their way back to your supervisor's ear.

2. Keep work comments OFF of Twitter and your blog. Sheen is tweeting away. Millions of followers (no doubt just to see the next crazy rant). If you tweet about work or comment on your employer on your blog, at some point you might regret it. Keep in mind that what you tweet today will follow you for years and years to come.  When a new prospective employer Googles you ten years from now, do you want that rant to be what they see?

3. Don't talk about your personal stuff.   Charlie Sheen tells the world he sleeps with his two live-in "goddesses." This might make for great tabloid headlines, but YOUR personal behaviors should not be fodder for the water cooler. The bender you were on, or how you painted your face in the colors of your favorite soccer team might make for great laughs over a beer, but it won't get you into the executive suite.

Sadly for Charlie Sheen, his personal brand is forever tarnished. The only thing he will now be remembered for is acting crazy and deranged. Remember that the next time you want to rant at work!

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