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One has to wonder what business leaders are thinking sometimes when they utter things that they have to know are going to send waves throughout the universe. The iconic Warren Buffett opened up his mouth in May 2009 and turned the financial world on its head. In an interview, Mr. Buffett chose to express his views of the current economic times by saying, “this is an economic Pearl Harbor” and equated the current financial situation in the United States to “falling off a cliff.” These comments may seem innocent enough. But coming from a financial executive who has changed a whole generation's view of finance, these words are quite devastating to a country that is already reeling. Buffett's words carry weight in arenas that we would not normally consider. The ripple effect can be staggering. As a seasoned executive, he should have chosen his words a bit more carefu... (more)

CEO Chimps

Did you ever meet a big-wig from some ever-so-important, is on the cover of Fast Company type of organization, who thinks his leadership is spot on? But he never once asks a question about you, your company or what YOU do. He hardly even listens to you. It's all about his blah, blah, blah. I call these executives "Chimp CEOs." They're deaf, mute, and blind to anything that does not relate to them. If you go to industry confabs a lot, you hear a lot of this simian chatter. Hardly an example of a leader who thinks like he or she belongs in the C Suite. And in today's economy, it's ... (more)

Walter Cronkite's IT Career Advice

The late Walter Cronkite as a role model for IT managers? At first glance, we might not see the connection between "the most trusted man in America" and high tech management. But if we pull back the layers of how Cronkite approached his job, there are solid day-to-day career lessons for those working in IT. Seven Best Practices Straight From the Desk of Uncle Walter 1. Explain things in a simple way so everyone can understand. CBS' Bob Schieffer said people "understood Cronkite was guiding you through events." He translated the complex or hard to understand in a way that made you n... (more)

Are You An IT Superhero?

At times, do you think you're a Superman or Wonder Woman? Pitted in a daily struggle between the IT department and the business units? We all know that IT managers juggle a number of hats and scramble to put out dozens of fires, and truly can be a superhero to their organizations. But did you ever think about what kind of superhero you are? Where do you rank in the Legion of Superhero's taxonomy? Are you an IT Wolverine, Green Lantern or Flash? Take the IT X-Men (or Women) quiz to see if you have the right stuff to be an IT Superhero. 1. Do you do it all? A one-man or one-woman sho... (more)

Have a Brand Like Lady Gaga

What do Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga and Bill Clinton have in common? You guessed it: a powerful personal brand. But how did they get that brand? Were they born with a charismatic brand or did they shape and hone it? My guess is that Lady Gaga, Bill and Steve all grew up the same as everyone else. They did not come out of the womb with a strong personal brand. They developed it. Personal Brands Are Made Most brands are made, not born. That means there is hope for everyone seeking to advance their personal brand. Not everyone is a Steve Jobs or Lady Gaga or Bill Clinton.  But we can all fo... (more)