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A CEO once asked me, "As an executive coach, what are the top mistakes you've seen when business leaders give a presentation"? He was expecting just a few insights, I'm sure. But once I got thinking about all the mess-ups I'd seen, I just could not stop writing them down. What started as a Letterman "Top Ten List" took on a life of its own. So, for all you executives getting ready to present, here are 100 of the top mistakes I've seen over the years. 100 Ways to Bore Your Audience Don't have a story Show lots and lots of slides Don't have clear messages Have plenty of bullets and lists Don't break your deck into sections or "chapters" Have 100 disconnected slides Don't have an introduction that "wows" people Read the slide word for word To make a point read the slide twice Don't close with a strong and memorable ending Don't use examples Make sure you use at least 1... (more)

The CIO as Tarzan

New Media on Ulitzer Today, CIOs are turned on, You Tubed-in and highly social.  They use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  They blog and appear in videos and engage with their constituents via collaborative technologies. Very hi tech but very low touch. Advice to CIOs: Go Primitive The question is: are we relying too much on technology to communicate our messages and forgetting the human element? It might seem blasphemous to even suggest not using technology to connect and communicate, but pull back for a moment.  Have you considered going primitive? . The Urban Dictionary explains g... (more)

CEO Chimps

Did you ever meet a big-wig from some ever-so-important, is on the cover of Fast Company type of organization, who thinks his leadership is spot on? But he never once asks a question about you, your company or what YOU do. He hardly even listens to you. It's all about his blah, blah, blah. I call these executives "Chimp CEOs." They're deaf, mute, and blind to anything that does not relate to them. If you go to industry confabs a lot, you hear a lot of this simian chatter. Hardly an example of a leader who thinks like he or she belongs in the C Suite. And in today's economy, it's ... (more)

CEO or Czar: Which Leader Are You?

CEOs in Technology on Ulitzer The "C" word is getting a lot of press these days (you WERE thinking CEO, weren't you?). It seems that every time someone gets appointed to a government post, they get the title "czar." There are so many of these little crazy Ivans running around in Washington that Senator McCain said Obama has, "more Czars than the Romanovs." We have a drug czar, an energy czar, a border czar, a climate czar, a czar for this and a czar for that. In a Wall Street Journal article, Laura Meckler once wrote about the rising ascension of czars in the White House. And it's... (more)

What if God Texted the Ten Commandments?

CEOs are known for flawless communication, right? We understand their ideas and can execute on them. Well, maybe...it depends on the communication vehicle they select. When leaders speak or write, we have the chance to capture the flavor and nuances of their communication: in depth insights. But with Twitter and text messaging, some of that brilliance and subtly can get lost. Corporate mission statements in 140 characters? Hmmm...maybe not a bad idea. But for critical communications, perhaps social media is not the best choice. In a wonderfully creative post, Jamie Quatro at Mcseee... (more)