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Top Stories by Loraine Antrim

What if "The Cloud" visited a psychiatrist? Does Cloud and Cloud Computing need therapy? Are they suffering from split personality disorder? With so many people giving different definitions of what Cloud Computing is, no wonder The Cloud has an identity crisis. Be a fly on the wall and listen in to the Cloud's therapy session. Scene: Office of Dr. Virgil I. Zation, a noted Silicon Valley Psychiatrist. Dr. Zation is having a therapy session with a new patient named Cloud. Doctor: How can I help you, Mr. Cloud? Cloud: You can drop the "Mr." and just call me "The Cloud." Doctor: Ok, Cloud. What brings you to my office? Cloud: Doctor, I think I'm in an identity crisis. I just don't seem to know who I am anymore. On the one hand, I'm "The Cloud." I've got a handle on that identity, but now people are talking about "Cloud Computing," and it's really confusing me, and worst of ... (more)

Bare Bones CEO: Linking the Outside World to the Inside

What are the bare bones minimum tasks that only a CEO should do? That question was raised by Procter & Gamble's CEO A.G. Lafley (pictured) in Harvard Business Review. Ultimately, he says the job that ONLY a CEO can do is to link the outside world to the inside. Lafley talked about how as CEO of P&G, he zeroed in on four areas that enabled him to make the outside to inside link. But if we really examine Lafley's critical tasks, they form a solid foundation for any type of leader in any type of organization. Here is a repeat of Lafley's CEO mindset: 1. Define the meaningful outside... (more)

Are You An IT Superhero?

At times, do you think you're a Superman or Wonder Woman? Pitted in a daily struggle between the IT department and the business units? We all know that IT managers juggle a number of hats and scramble to put out dozens of fires, and truly can be a superhero to their organizations. But did you ever think about what kind of superhero you are? Where do you rank in the Legion of Superhero's taxonomy? Are you an IT Wolverine, Green Lantern or Flash? Take the IT X-Men (or Women) quiz to see if you have the right stuff to be an IT Superhero. 1. Do you do it all? A one-man or one-woman sho... (more)

IT Has Gone to the Dogs: What Breed of IT Are You?

IT personnel have been referred to as many things: some see the role of IT staff as everything from heroes and essential partners, to %^&**!@#!! villains. But how about a Pit Bull or a Chichuahua? Is there a German Shepherd lurking inside that SOA developer? If you take a look at some of the most dramatic canine personalities, you might find some interesting similarities between network engineers, software developers and man's best friend. If you're in technology, read on to determine which IT breed you might be. Which Breed of IT Are You? Pit Bull. Official name is the American... (more)

The CIO as Tarzan

New Media on Ulitzer Today, CIOs are turned on, You Tubed-in and highly social.  They use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  They blog and appear in videos and engage with their constituents via collaborative technologies. Very hi tech but very low touch. Advice to CIOs: Go Primitive The question is: are we relying too much on technology to communicate our messages and forgetting the human element? It might seem blasphemous to even suggest not using technology to connect and communicate, but pull back for a moment.  Have you considered going primitive? . The Urban Dictionary explains g... (more)